Experience the authentic sights, sounds, and tastes of Slovenia!
Slovenia is a perfect destination for outdoor activities. Enjoy in the unspoiled environment of Triglav National Park and the Mediterranean. Cycle or hike through the Pokljuka forest and among vineyards in Vipava Valley, swim in Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj or ski on the best ski slopes Slovenia has to offer. Our experienced guides and instructors will make sure that you will have an adventure you will not forget!

At a glance you will be enjoying yourself in

  • World famous Lake Bled
  • Lake Bohinj – the pristine lake in the heart of Triglav National Park
  • Unspoiled nature and local cuisine of Vipava Valley
  • Lush forests of Pokljuka plateau
  • Charming Slovenian capital Ljubljana

Vipava valley

The Vipava Valley is a true foodie central. The local cuisine offers a plethora of authentic flavours. Here you can find authentic and wholesome dishes made from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Rustic inns and agritourism farms will never let the pleasure-seeker in you down. Be surprised by the local specialties and be pampered with the finest produce harvested in this paradise valley. The unspoilt nature dotted with natural landmarks, rivers, vineyards and picture-book villages with their typical architecture and the peace of the rural setting will let you relax and recharge.

Alpine valleys and passes in Julian Alps

Slovenia’s northern borders with Italy and Austria are framed by the Julian Alps, offering travellers challenging and inspirational routes, both on and off road. Tackle the monumental alpine peaks before stepping back down the mountains and plunging into the crystalline Bohinj and Bled Lakes. Explore historical sites, such as the Church of St. Petrus and Kamen Castle. Introduce your taste buds to delicious Slovenian borovnica blueberry schnapps and the aromatic wines of the Goriska Brda vineyards. Delight in the pristine nature of Triglav National Park. Satisfy your taste for adrenaline white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning, tubing, and hydrospeeding down the pristine Soca River. Introduce yourself to culture, history, and adventure in the breathtaking alpine valleys and passes of the Julian Alps in Slovenia.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is known throughout the world for its magical beauty and healing atmosphere.  Plunge into Bled’s refreshing waters for a long idyllic swim before relaxing in the grass and shade by the lake or taking a stroll through the charming town.  Take a boat to an island situated in the center of the lake, and visit Bled’s ancient church, still decorated with Gothic frescos.  Sample Bled’s traditional dessert, Kremšnita, a delicious vanilla and custard cream cake.  Whether you are a season swimmer or training for your first competition, Bled is a wonderful swimming location.

Lake Bohinj

Slovenia’s extraordinary Lake Bohinj is truly a hidden gem.  Located at the foot of the Julian Alps, which seem to rise out of the lake itself, Lake Bohinj is 4.35 km long and 1 km wide.  The crisp and pristine waters are surrounded by spectacular views and shaded forests.  For any swimmers looking for a quiet and serene retreat, away from thick tourist throngs, Bohinj is an ideal destination.

Visas are not required to enter Slovenia for EU citizens. You will need a passport. As a British passport holder, you may stay as a visitor for three months. General Travel Information is available. All other non-UK passport holders must check their own country’s entry requirements for Slovenia.


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