Meet the team


Jani is full of energy, infectiously happy and a true host at heart! He is extremely passionate and proud of the work that is being done. There isn’t a day where he isn’t looking for the next destination, amazing restaurants, and mind-blowing activities. He is always striving to provide the best service for all.

He is also a musician and a natural born host. Favorite saying: “What can you expect from a bass player?`





Blaz is a passionate and enthusiastic team leader who is committed to providing encouragement to his clients and boasts an impressive CV including ski Instructor, mountain guide and Olimpic training for visually impaired people.

For the past thirteen years, he has been a personal trainer, athletics coach, and ski instructor. He actively trained athletes for several years before deciding to pass on the knowledge, skills, and passion for fitness to others through his own companies and programs. He has worked abroad as a ski instructor in Europe and Australia.


Skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, running, swimming… you’re an active person, and you want a holiday that reflects that. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in the serenity of a rural landscape or to be swallowed by the roar of an urban marathon, Activity Break offers holidays for the active among us. Our experienced and licensed instructors are professionally trained to guide you through the twists and turns of an exciting and uniquely energetic holiday experience. So get up, get out, and experience the authentic sights, sounds, and tastes of Slovenia, and don’t forget to pack your trainers.

Activity break is a specialized partner in active holiday breaks and sport preparations, predominately in alpine and Mediterranean environments

Our experienced, licensed instructors are professionally trained for outdoor activities. We make it possible for our guests to actively spend their holidays in the countryside and urban environment, and also experience an authentic Slovenia with its wealth of sights and a culinary offer to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur.




Absolutely brilliant hosts. Blaz and Jani managed to adapt the whole weekend as stormy weather prevented some of the swimming. I feel that I saw most of Slovenia in 3 Days! Of course, the highlight for me was swimming in Lake Bled which Blaz managed to find a window in the weather for me to do safely and I pretty much had the lake to myself! Fabulous trip, if you are thinking of booking, just do it!


The host and his team were amazing! They were super friendly, really supportive and went out of their way to make sure we were all happy. Couple this with one of the most beautiful destinations, it made for a great weekend.


I was really nervous about the swim but the hosts were fantastic and really put me at ease. The lakes are stunning and when storms hit on the second day, our hosts were super flexible – taking us all to the seaside where it was still sunny.


Hosts were really welcoming and the lakes were stunning!


Terrific host, beautiful country, great mix of relaxation and sport, good flexibility and nice chilled out vibe.


Brilliant, knowledgeable, flexible host. Stunning country. Gorgeous water. Host-adapted trip to party and conditions, just brilliant!


The host was excellent. He went above and beyond was flexible to our requirements and ability. He was relaxed and encouraging. His local knowledge was super and he knew the best sites and restaurants off the beaten track. He was adaptive to our wishes such as watching the World Cup. The trip was well planned and went smoothly. The timings of each activity were suitable. The lakes were very picturesque.